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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  August 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

6:00 pm 7 news at 6 pm starts now. >>anchor 1: let's get right to the big zone at 6 pm. team usa team bask in a golden moment. they become olympic champions. the success is being overshadowedth other swimmers. >> speaking out in a new interview, seventh nancy chen's life in rio with all the action, nancy. >> good evening to you. it is
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games. they are still firmly in the spotlight in it seems as if the apologies and the backtracking may not be over yet. they had issued statements detailing what they said happened at a gas station. lochte initial count of a late-night armed robbery unraveled dramatically this week as authorities reviewed surveillance and conducted interviews. tonight, we w is a sitdown on a one-on-one interview with matt lauer including the topic of why his story changed so much. >> when you talk to billy sunday afternoon, you didn't tell him the whole truth. when you spoke to me on wednesday night by phone, you didn't tell me the whole truth. >> i left details out, that's why am in this mess is i left certain things out. and i over exaggerated some parts of the of that interview later this evening on nightly news.
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competition. on the court, the us women's basketball team won their sixth straight olympic gold metal this afternoon. led by yukon head coach, the team women's volleyball, will be bringing home bronze. they bounced back after a heartbreaking defeat. a disappointing day for new hampshire's triathlete. she the competition after not being able to overcome a quadricep injury during the swim segment. she had finished fourth in london. >> greg jorgensen finishing first. this is the first olympic gold in the sport. we are now in the last weekend of
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>> here at today's must-see moments. things that you just cannot miss it all. >> they were too big races on the track to tell you about. also advancing tonight 10 meter platform final. that is going to be in diving. can you believe it also? the closing ceremonies tomorrow. she has been chosen by her fellow team members to be a flag pair appeared the position of course help by michael phelps. simone is leaving with four goals and one bronze. it should >>anchor 1: all right, nancy. thank you so much. >>anchor 2: looking good out there. with less than 24 of the competition to go, the united states still at the top of the medal count with 111 medals, for them gold. >> china is in second. great britain rounding out the top three with 63 medals. 26 of those are gold. >>anchor 1: turning to your
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saturday. the gold medal saturday you can say. let's see if these conditions will last through this weekend. >>weather: was in it a fantastic afternoon? temperatures rising into the mid-80s for many of us. a few clouds and isolated showers, but really most of us stayed dry through the day today. even humidity kept in check. it's a nice en norwood. 76 in worcester with a bit of her breeze coming out of the south. this will continue as we head into tomorrow as well ushering in some mormon temperatures but also some more humid air. that is going to prime our atmosphere. for some showers and storms as we get into the later i was a tomorrow. for the better part of sunday i think is another gorgeous day to enjoy. we keep the storms that they until we
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cloudy, patchy fog 60 ?67. sunshine before the clouds move in for the afternoon, and then the clouds move away as we head into the day on monday. another summer stunner in storm. >>anchor 2: also 17. two people shot on the street in dorchester. one of them died from their injuries, and now police are searching for the person who pulled the trigger. please don't have a lot of clues as to who was responsible for the shooting. as you take a look behind scene. police a going door to door. police say this is the 22nd homicide of the year. >> if anyone is way too many. >> police commissioner william evans speaking out about the deadly shooting herein dorchester. it happened at the intersection of dudley street and dudley terrace. officers responded to a call to a person
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found a man and female with gunshot wounds. police say the man died on scene. the woman was taken to a local hospital with life threatening injuries. >> i don't know what the motive is, but i think that is our 22nd homicide of the year. >> commissioner evans believes it was a targeted shooting with multiple shots fired at it up close range. >> we are always looking for the public's help. if anyone knows our homicide unit. >> the good news is the woman who was shot is expected to survive. police say if you have any information on the shooting, you can call what it hundred 494 tips and remain anonymous. for now where life in dorchester. stephen some trouble charging against the teacher in templeton. police accusing the narragansett high school
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all of area's life in templeton with what we know. >> nick, obviously classes aren't going on at the high school. but this investigation did begin earlier this month when the school resource officer was alerted that a teacher here had a possible inappropriate relationship with a student. it was just a few days ago one of the teachers here. matthew could see which was arrested at his home in worcester and charged with seen matter to a minor in trafficking of a person under 18 first sexual servitude. the school resource officer was alerted that he had a relationship with a student after graduating. investigators then learned that he had another inappropriate relationship with a student during this past school year. police won't comment on what
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court. he is currently being held on $2500 cash bail nicole all the various avenues. >> a dorchester man is behind bars and charged with murder in accused of stabbing another man to death. investigators arrested him last night. he said the 18-year-old stepped a 23-year-old man. it happened on paris street. police a syllabus skinny. >> i hyannis man on the run accused of using a disguise to hide from police. officials say when they went to arrest 31-year-old shawn middle, they found take a look at the picture we just popped up for you. offices realize that elderly man was actually the man they were looking for. officials pulled off that disguise and placed him under arrest. he has been on the run since april. he will face drug charges. >> a dorchester man is facing charges after police say he exposed himself in a woman's bathroom in an mbta station. they say he went into the restroom at back bay station
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arrest . he will be arraigned on monday morning. >> hillary clinton arrived on nantucket. the democratic nominee is holding a fundraiser there. clinton also has a fundraiser in provincetown tomorrow at the poker monument. >> donald trump held a fundraiser earlier this month in the cape. he is turning his attention to africans americans asking for their vote. he accused democrats attain black voters for granted. >> look how much african-american communities have ff following: what do you have to lose? >> undo poll shows that african-american voters support clinton over trump 91 percent to just one percent. >>anchor 2: there's more news
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alarming attack and then bit his victim's face. austin harrouff randomly attack the couple last week. the 19-year-old did police to test it for drugs. all tests have been negative for common drugs. >> the devastating floods in louisiana have left at least 13 people dead. search parties are now going door to door to look for survivors and many cemeteries have been affected. leaving the task of repairing family members whose caskets of been unearthed. an estimated 40,000 homes at the damaged and 86,000 and applying for disaster aid. >> a massive wildfire continues across santa barbara. it has
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mom: i'm a mom, not a millionaire. i can give permission... i can give hugs... but i can't give millions of dollars to a campaign. vo: but that's the way to get kelly ayotte's attention. corporate special interests like the koch brothers have spent millions helping ayotte's campaign and she voted with them 90% of the time - supporting tax breaks that help millionaires and oil companies. mom: in washington, kelly ayotte listens to too many millionaires
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his ad.
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>>anchor 2: we are going back into the olympics don't. kevin durant in the men's basketball team play for gold tomorrow in rio. this was a special experience for him particularly. >>anchor 1: he is soaking up every moment in rio. nancy chen takes us for his greatness in today's going for gold. kevin durant already has one gold medal from london now he hopes for one from rio. after his kevin tried to put in celtics green. he decide to sign with the golden state warriors. after a quick trip to hong kong, team usa came calling. >> i want to play since 2012. i was hoping and praying i could be a part of this. and i want to take full advantage of it. >> i feel like i'm well rested.
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to play. >> durrant has been soaking the games in while taking on a cruise ship, he took in the sights, met the swim team and played some rather close games. durrant is excited about team usa's teammates. >> it gives you another feeling knowing that you playing against the whole world, but you also have the best players on single day. i've been battling every night for nine years. it makes you feel like a better man, a better person, brother, father, son, everything. >> being a part of a group that
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medal. it's an honor to be part of something special. >> there is pressure to repeat. they took go home gold on 2012. >> in rio nancy chen. >>anchor 2: we know we desperately need the rain, but it is not all that great when it bums out a weekend. all the details coming up. >>sports: the patriots midway through preseason fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet.
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i worked to make childcare more affordable and make it easier to save for college. i've worked across party lines on clean air and energy efficiency efforts... and to strengthen social security and medicare. together, we're making new hampshire and america stronger. i'm kelly ayotte,
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>>anchor 2: you may have noticed some unidentified flying objects. red bull hosting there. contests. they spent weeks in designing their own flying machines. each aircraft is piloted by a team member and judged on creativity an >> it wasn't meant to fly. one of the mit guys called it a parade float . it was made out of mostly styrofoam, duck tape, heart. >>anchor 2: clearly everyone having a good time. the word futon means flying day. the competition was first hosted in austria. boston was
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i went out there a little bit. lots and lots of people having fun. >> 28 feet up and those aren't flying machines. those are falling machines, pre- >>weather: if you saw that on the esplanade earlier. i was thinking i want to take it for a test drive. tomorrow is still goode climbing. storms, they are in store for us. it looks like they hold off until after midnight. again another beautiful day. current temperatures. right now low 80s. mid-70s for worcester. our temperatures staying fairly mild overnight tonight because we are getting thathumidity are should end by this southerly breeze. sustained breeze tend 10 ?15
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with a dewpoint of 69 degrees. you know it's going to feel sticky and oppressive tomorrow. that is going to prime our atmosphere for the next chance. maybe a slight chance of an isolated shower as we get through the day tomorrow but i think again we wait until after dark . this is what we are expecting in the form of a cold front it could be potentially severe storms. we start with sunshine, but that we bring in the cloud cover for the fternoon. again, after midnight into the wee hours of monday morning, the cold front pushing through. again, we need the rain. we will take all the drops we can get. after some pleasant weather behind it. humidity
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for next week. how much rain can we expect tomorrow? generally speaking a quarter inch to one half inch. also a possibility for localized areas to see an inch or even more. if you get one of those storms to pop up over the area and dump a whole lot of rain in a short time. the potential is there we should say. it is humid, but looks what happens with those two some better weather ahead of us for sure. 86. very similar to the temperatures. very cooler along the coastline. a touch breezy from time to time. here's a look at your 7 on 7 forecast. he is that less and whether the heads in. sunshine is back in it sticks through the better part of the
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>>sports: the red sox getting back in the win column. you could be getting some reinforcements. once you rat -- stephen wright is not ruled out to be the start up. due to some upper back stiffness. it's hard for big poppy to set out. the dh for the 28th time this season. two homers and five rbi shy fr boston. >> keeping the ball in the yard is a little bit of a problem. the lefty served up to seven homeruns. he's coming over from a trade from the padres. still he showing some improvements and three august starts. patriots have had their lineman
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indeed more. he's recording a half sock. a quarterback hurry showing off some explosiveness by shedding nearly 50 pounds. he does are some recognition even if his own coach doesn't recognize it. >> honestly, i didn't recognize him. we brought him in for workout. i looked at him, and i thought do we have the right guy here? i thought my memory was even worse than a thick it is. >> you have to stay persistent. you got to understand this is in a job for the week like to categorize myself there being ferocious. that's how it is in the nfl. you have to be ready to go out there play everyday. >> aj derby sitting out the first of the two preseason games. he spent his entire rookie season on an injury reserve. the competition doesn't give much thought to. >> i really don't. i can't
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better. >> he is coming along. he had an unfortunate injury last year and everything, but he's coming around and he's made some impressive catches. have been working together. >> and in buffalo things going from bad to worse for marcel darius. he got hit with a checked himself into or drug rehab this week. buffalo also cutting ties with karlos williams before today's game against the giants. take a look at the medal count. team usa running away with things in 111 total metals. great britain is third with 63. the women's basketball team winning it straight -- that is
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narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible
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on this saturday night, nbc news exclusive. ryan lochte with matt lauer admitting his tale about being robbed in rio isn't the whole truth. golden moments. more zika zone. growing worries after that virus is found in a popular destination for tourists. the measure some are taking to protect themselves in miami beach. faces of war. the symbol of an unending conflict. more on the desperate plight of so many syrian children with no way out. it's not just a


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